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MISSION : Alpha-1 Biologics Corporation (A1Bio) was founded by Cynthia L. Bristow, MS, PhD, in June, 2011 for the purpose of developing patented biotechnology related to the generation of immune cells from stem cells within the body to treat immunodeficiency with the following disease applications:

IMPLEMENTATION OF MISSION : The discoveries at the core of A1Bio biotechnology resulted from basic research conducted by Bristow and supported for many years by the highly-respected, non-profit research organization (NRO), the Institute for Human Genetics and Biochemistry (IHGB) funded by the Harry Winston Research Foundation. To bridge the gap between IHGB basic research and the pharmaceutical industry’s need for first-in-class drugs, A1Bio possesses many assets, the most valuable and unique of which is its association with IHGB which provides the basic research/discovery arm producing ideas, papers, and prestige while A1Bio provides the mid-stage development of IHGB ideas for innovative new therapeutics and diagnostics which feed into the pharmaceutical industry. Funding and royalties from the pharmaceutical industry flow into A1Bio and IHGB thereby supporting new basic research in an “evergreen” research association.

To deliver newly discovered drugs from IHGB to pharmaceutical companies, IHGB and Bristow (prior to founding Alpha-1 Biologics Corporation) have already established the need for and their capacity to provide for several critical functions that are the core of the work provided by A1Bio:

Board of Directors :

Ronald Winston, President, IHGB

Cynthia L. Bristow, Director of Research, IHGB

Team :

Cynthia Bristow, MS, PhD

People with immune deficiencies suffer from a wide variety of illnesses including the inability to fight infection and heart disease. There are many causes of immune deficiency, some are inherited and others like HIV are acquired from the environment. Bristow discovered a protein in blood that acts as a regulator for the immune system and it is known as α1proteinase inhibitor (α1PI, α1antitrypsin). As a bonus, Bristow discovered that this protein also regulates cholesterol levels because cholesterol is transported by immune cells.

Bristow founded Alpha-1 Biologics in 2011 to develop drugs and diagnostic tests based on the structure of α1PI. Bristow is currently the Director of Research of the Institute for Human Genetics and Biochemistry and past assistant professor, Dept. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College.

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