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"Human leukocyte elastase can act as HIV coreceptor:"

2004 FEB 2 -- Human leukocyte elastase (HLE) can act as an HIV coreceptor. According to recent research from New York, HLE "interacts with HIV-1 glycoprotein (gp)41, suggesting a nonenzymatic receptor function for HLE in the context of HIV-1."

"HLE is found localized to the cell surface, but not granules in HIV permissive clones, and to granules, but not the cell surface of HIV nonpermissive clones," noted C.L. Bristow and coauthors at Rockefeller University.


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"{Alpha}1Proteinase inhibitor regulates CD4+ lymphocyte levels and is rate limiting in HIV-1 disease."

" This report identifies an autoimmune component of HIV-1 disease that can be overcome therapeutically. Importantly, results identify an achievable vaccine modification with the novel objective to protect against AIDS as opposed to the current objective to protect against HIV-1 infection."


"Findings from Cornell University College of Medicine in HIV/AIDS Reported"

2012 MAR 26 -- Investigators discuss in "a(1)Proteinase Inhibitor Regulates CD4 Lymphocyte Levels and Is Rate Limiting in HIV-1 Disease" new findings in HIV/AIDS. According to the authors of recent research from New York City, New York, "The regulation of adult stem cell migration through human hematopoietic tissue involves the chemokine CXCL12 (SDF-1) and its receptor CXCR4 (CD184). In addition, human leukocyte elastase (HLE) plays a key role." "When HLE is located on the cell surface (HLE(CS)), it acts not as a proteinase, but as a receptor for a(1)proteinase inhibitor (a(1)PI, a(1)antitrypsin, SerpinA1). Binding of a(1)PI to HLE(CS) forms a motogenic complex. We previously demonstrated that a(1)PI deficiency attends HIV-1 disease and that a(1)PI augmentation produces increased numbers of immunocompetent circulating CD4(+) lymphocytes," wrote C.L. Bristow and colleagues, Cornell University College of Medicine.


"A CD4 enumeration method is described which uses whole saliva to provide rapid and accurate CD4 counts. The CD4QTest costs pennies and eliminates the need for technical training, costly reagents such as monoclonal antibodies, instrumentation, refrigeration, transport of samples, as well as collection and handling of blood."

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